GuruTruck Driving School

GURU Truck Driving School– MC, HC, HR and Bus authority course.

358 Hoxton Park Rd, Prestons NSW 2170, Australia.

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Mon – Sat : 8am – 9pm

GURU Truck Driving School

Guru Truck Driving School

GuruTruck Driving School is a family owned and operated Registered Training Organisation based in Sydney, NSW. We have specialised in heavy vehicle driver training and licence assessments last 15 years. 

GuruTruck Driving School is recognised by Transport for NSW under the Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment (HVCBA) Program as a provider of heavy vehicle training and assessments for drivers wishing to obtain heavy vehicle driver licences.

On behalf of our valued team, we thank you for considering our RTO to assist you to achieve your learning goals, and wish you an enjoyable and rewarding training experience.

We are proud to announce not even one of our clients had to pay extra even though we provide extra training who couldn’t get through on the first attempt.

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GURU Truck Driving School
MC, HC, HR and Bus authority Course
PH: 0433266831 (MR. Varinder Singh)
Address: 358 Hoxton Park Rd, Perstons NSW 2170

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What if I lose my certificate?

You’ll be issued with a new certificate upon request. Fee included. Replacement copy must be collected by you or your guardian!

I never had an experience of driving; can I join the class too?

Yes, you can. Our lessons are for all individuals! You’re always welcome to try even if you’ve no prior experience. You’ll get your licence according to your abilities after passing the assessment test.

What if I missed the class?

No worries. This happens often! If you get occupied with something important in your life, we repeat the classes! You’re most welcome to join what you’ve missed earlier.

When can I join the class?

We run different sessions. Keep visiting our website, or call us to know the type of class running currently.

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